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We sing shanties, work songs and sea songs. There’s no need to sing in tune or to read music – and we won’t be giving any concerts.

We’ll learn how the songs were used and where they came from. We’ll learn the ropes as we go along (some of them anyway) and what a sailor’s life was like. We might pick up some hints on how to sail a ship, catch a whale, load cargo, etc.

Before each group meeting, I will email members a list of that month’s shanties.  Please print the documents to refer to when we sing.  Since we are a university, as well as giving the lyrics each document includes information about the song’s uses, origins and meaning, with references, and provides a link or two to recommended recordings.

You can find my documentation for each shanty online and use my YouTube playlist to watch and sing-along-a-shanty at any time.

The Passat, a retired square-rigged sailing ship
Group Convenors Elizabeth Rimmington
Email to Convenor Send email to Convenor
Day Tuesdays
Time 10:00 - 11:30
Frequency Monthly
Where Virtual
Availability Available - apply to the Convenor now
Active Yes