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Creative Writing Group

This will be a small group for those interested in writing ‘substantial’ pieces of creative written work: novels or novellas, although shorter works such as short stories would be covered.

We would discuss some aspect of the writing process and reinforce it with exercises. Participants, who need no previous skill level, would review each other’s submissions.

The venue and day of the Group TBA

Poetry Group 2

A poetry study group where each member takes it in turns to choose and give a short presentation on a poet, leading to further readings and discussions of that poet’s work by all members.

Meeting dates: After Easter,

Apr 25; May 9, 23; June 6, 20; July 4

French Discussion 2

This new group will start in the Spring.

The group explores current affairs in France and French-speaking countries. The sessions will be in French. For members with at least a good A-level in French.

Ce nouveau groupe s’adresse aux membres qui ont un bon niveau de français, un niveau B2 selon le Cadre Européen Commun de Référence pour les Langues (CEFR). Il s’agit d’un groupe de discussion dans lequel nous aborderons des thèmes de société actuels et pertinents qui seront choisis ensemble et déterminés à l’avance. Nous utiliserons de courts articles de presse ou clips comme point de départ de nos discussions. Les participants devront être capables de communiquer leurs idées spontanément. Nous réserverons quelques moments à l’acquisition de points de vocabulaire et grammaire précis. Les participants auront l’opportunité de préparer de courtes présentations s’ils le désirent.


This group will start in January and will start with a basic introduction to philosophy.

Drawing group

This group is starting in the new year. No previous nexperience is necessary.

Choral Group

This new group will be led by a Covenor with 50 years experience of leading and conducting vocal groups.

‘Explores a range of vocal music of the past 5 centuries, working in 2 – 4 parts.  Some singing experience is useful, but not necessary: willingness to try to read music is needed. ‘


Tai Chi – an introduction

An 8 week course to introduce a short form of Tai Chi consisting of 17 moves especially designed for older people. Meeting every Tuesday morning from April 16th to June 25th inclusive 11am to 12 noon at Cornerstone Community Centre Church Road Hove.
By the end of the 8 weeks, group members should be able to use this sequence of moves to help develop and maintain balance, control and flexibility of movement.
Tai Chi requires an ability to stand and walk unaided but is appropriate for all levels of fitness. Please wear loose clothes and flat shoes.
Unfortunately this course is fully subscribed.

Motorcycle Touring Group

This is a new group that will meet at the Downs Hotel Woodingdean on the first Wednesday of the month. Initially contact the Convenor to arrange dates.

Hove Book Group B

This is a new group.

This friendly and informal group meets monthly to discuss a wide range of books, chosen by members of the group.

Meetings will be on Tuesdays at the Convenors house.

First meeting 12 September.